Cellulose Nanomaterial Safety: Building a Bridge from Theory to Practice

June 3 - 7, 2019 | Makuhari Messe International Convention Hall | Chiba, Japan

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Cellulose Nanomaterial Safety: Building a Bridge from Theory to Practice

Course Syllabus

Workshop Faculty:
Jo Anne Shatkin, Ph.D., President, Vireo Advisors, LLC
Hideo Kajihara, Ph.D. Research Institute of Science for Safety and Sustainability, Japan AIST
James Ede, Ph.D., Consultant, Vireo Advisors, LLC
Kimberly Ong, Ph.D., Consultant, Vireo Advisors, LLC

Workshop Overview:
This 3.5 hour workshop will focus on the occupational and environmental safety demonstration for cellulose nanomaterials, with special consideration of nanoscale properties of the materials. Concepts will be explored with case studies to present current knowledge, theory, and state-of-the-art practices for meeting regulatory requirements, and safety demonstration. The workshop will be presented by Vireo Advisors, an international advising firm from North America, in collaboration with the Japan National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Research Institute of Science for Safety and Sustainability (RISS).

Draft Schedule:

Time Topic Faculty
1:30-2:00      Welcome and Course Overview, Life Cycle Risk Assessment and Case Studies Jo Anne Shatkin
2:00-2:15      Questions & Discussion  
2:15-2:45      AIST Presentation– Development of safety assessment methods for cellulose nanofibers to
     support application development
Hideo Kajihara 
2:45-3:00      Questions & Discussion  
3:00-3:15      Break  
3:15-3:35      Occupational and Environmental Health Data Strategies (for managing public perception of
     new technologies)
James Ede
3:35-3:40      Questions & Discussion  
3:40-4:00      Mapping regulatory and market concerns to evidence in risk assessment of nanomaterials Kimberly Ong
4:00-4:10      Questions & Discussion  
4:10-4:55      Case Study & Open Discussion