CNM Characterization Workshop: Primary Characterization

June 3 - 7, 2019 | Makuhari Messe International Convention Hall | Chiba, Japan

CNM Characterization Workshop: Primary Characterization



Johan Foster, Virginia Tech
Emily Cranston, University of British Columbia
Julien Bras, Grenoble INP


When:  Tuesday, 4 June, 1:30 - 4:30pm


Workshop Overview:

For the advancement in understanding, process optimization, and utilization of cellulose nanomaterials (CNMs) it is critical to use characterization measurement protocols that give consistent, reliable and accurate results.  However, because of the exponential growth in interest/activity in CNMs, much of the development of these measurement protocols have been outpaced.  Similar to the workshop held at Nano 2018, this workshop summarizes/outlines details the best practices and limitations for several techniques/methods typically used for the characterization of CNMs, in particular, surface charge, purity, crystallinity, particle morphology, and mechanical properties. Each topic will be covered by experts in the field for the given technique, with the purpose to inform the audience why one should consider using a given technique (e.g., use “this” technique for “that” reason”), then provide a detailed best practice for the technique (e.g., “here is the proper way to do “this” technique). Where possible examples have been given to highlight how “this” technique shows “these” data on “these” CNMs.   Throughout the workshop, specific comments are made regarding any differentiation in the characterization of CNC versus CNF. 


Workshop Topics: 20 mins each topic


Who should attend?

Anyone in industry or academia who is a beginner/novice in conducting standard materials characterization of CNMs. 


Workshop Fee: