Health, Safety, and Environmental Considerations for Bio/Nano Technologies Workshop

Health, Safety, and Environmental Considerations for Bio/Nano Technologies Workshop*

1:00 – 4:00pm
5 June, 2017
*Separate Registration Required. Cost to attend: $160

This half-day workshop will focus on the occupational, environmental, and consumer health and safety requirements for new technologies, with a special focus on bio-based nanomaterials. Interactive presentations will explore these issues from the perspectives of data development, risk assessment and management strategies, and regulatory requirements. Presentations, case studies, and discussions will be led by the team from Vireo Advisors, an experienced international advising firm dedicated to advancing the commercialization of safer and environmentally preferable technologies.

Interactive sessions in this workshop will address:

1. Considerations for occupational health and safety practices with nanomaterials – topics will include occupational health and safety testing methods and resources, hazard classification and labeling requirements, and considerations for the development of safety data sheets. We will discuss strategies to protect workers and evaluate the safety of new products across their life cycle.

2. Data development needs and strategies  – an overview of the types of information agencies look for, including specific testing requirements for materials with nanoscale properties, how nanomaterials should be characterized, and a discussion of the state of practice for safety testing of nanomaterials. We will address the data gaps and priorities for demonstrating the safety of nanomaterials in this section. Case studies will illustrate ways to prioritize testing depending on considered applications, and how to identify organizations that can meet the challenges of testing and measurement at the nanoscale.   

3.  Ongoing regulatory and policy changes – a delve into the dynamic world of regulatory policies regarding nanomaterials. Topics will include recent legal challenges, agency proposals, and insights into future changes that may affect industry and the commercialization of nanomaterials. We will also discuss industry-led policy efforts and offer perspectives on the public perception of nanomaterials.  

The presentations will be followed by an open question and answer sessions and a round-table discussion to further explore these topics.

This workshop will be helpful for those who want to better understand global health, safety, and environmental requirements, and for those who are seeking knowledge to ensure the safety of their products and insights on how to navigate the regulatory environment to improve commercialization potential of their nanomaterials or products.

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*Separate Registration Required. Cost to attend: $160