Practical Safety Strategies for Bio/Nano Technology Commercialization

June 11 - 14, 2018 | Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center | Madison, Wisconsin

Practical Safety Strategies for Bio/Nano Technology Commercialization

Jo Anne Shatkin, Ph.D., Vireo Advisors, LLC
Kimberly Ong, Ph.D., Vireo Advisors, LLC
James Ede, Ph.D., Vireo Advisors, LLC

When: Monday, 11 June 2018, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Workshop Overview:
Building on last year’s introductory Health Safety and Environmental Considerations for Bio/Nano Technology Commercialization, this half-day workshop will focus on the demonstration of occupational, environmental, and consumer health and safety for new technologies, with special consideration of bio-based and nanoscale materials. Interactive presentations will explore these issues from the perspectives of data development, risk assessment and management strategies, regulatory requirements, and safety demonstration. The team from Vireo Advisors, an international advising firm dedicated to advancing the commercialization of safer and environmentally preferable technologies, will lead presentations, demonstrations, case studies, and discussions.

Interactive sessions in this workshop will address: 

Safety of New Carbon-based Materials: Where Are We? (Dr. Jo Anne Shatkin)

Ongoing innovation with novel carbon-based materials such as carbon nanotubes, graphite, and cellulose nanomaterials has led to a myriad of applications; their emergence into the market raises questions about their overall safety. A variety of stakeholders from governmental agencies, academics, public-private partnerships, and industry have been proactive and made efforts to address the safe and responsible commercialization of these substances; we will review best practices. This session will focus on the current knowledge base for the safety of novel carbon-based materials, discuss the safety literature, and offer insights on management strategies.   

Safety Demonstration as a Strategy for Meeting Market Requirements (Dr. James Ede)

Demonstrating the safety of new bio/nanotechnologies is a sound strategy to meet the many market requirements that exist beyond regulators. Diverse stakeholders, from investors to the public, expect a high level of safety demonstration, especially with new and novel materials. A proactive approach to safety can be challenging given the lack of established standards and methods for bio-based and nanotechnologies. Here we will discuss some of the practical approaches organizations can employ, including recent guidance from governmental agencies, best practices being adopted by industry, and international standards from various agencies. 

Complying with Global Regulatory Requirements: Applied Aspects of Safety Testing (Dr. Kimberly Ong)

This part of the workshop will provide an overview of the types of safety data needed to comply with global regulatory requirements, and the challenges in testing cellulose and other biobased nanomaterials to meet these obligations. We will focus on common application areas, including industrial chemicals, food and feed, food contact materials, paper and packaging, and cosmetics. This presentation will provide insights and key resources for appropriate safety testing.

Workshop Format:
Workshop presentations will be followed by open question and answer sessions and a round-table discussion to further explore these topics. The workshop will follow an interactive format, with case studies and discussions followed by an open question and answer (Q&A).

This workshop is intended for those who want to better understand the health, safety, and environmental requirements for various markets globally, including insights for those seeking knowledge about product safety, and information on how to navigate the regulatory environment to improve commercialization potential of bio-based and nanomaterial derived products.

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