Poster Session & Student Poster Competition

June 12 - 16, 2023 | Westin Bayshore, Vancouver BC

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Poster Session & Student Poster Competition

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Participants in the 2018 Student Poster Competition

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When: Tuesday, 13 June, 2023    17:00 - 19:00

The Poster Session is held at the same time as the Student Poster Competition. Delegates are invited to vote on the student posters in the competition using the voting tool in the Conference App.  Prizes are awarded to the top poster presenters.

Poster Presentation Guidelines 

Each speaker's space contains a board onto which the abstract, key points, conclusions, and charts, tables, or diagrams can be posted. The technical forum usually lasts 1-2 hours, during which time attendees are free to "browse" among the poster presentations of interest to them and to speak directly with the authors. Thus, these sessions are informal, conversational, and highly responsive to the interests of the attendees. They also permit detailed examination and discussion of illustrations. Co-authors or colleagues may also be present and participate at the same time in discussions.

Preparing a Poster Presentation

  1. The specs of the poster are W92cm by H122cm (36" wide X 48" high)
  2. All materials to be posted on a board must be prepared in advance of the meeting. Authors will not be provided with materials to draft displays on site.
  3. A title, author and affiliation block must be at the top of the poster. The title should be 38.1mm  50.8mm high and run the width of the poster.
  4. We suggest you supply an abstract briefly summarizing your work, which can be read at a distance of 4' to 10'.
  5. It is suggested that part of your visual display include a list of "key points" and a brief summary of results or conclusions.
  6. All textual or illustrative material should be kept simple; text should be letters at least 3/8" high. Simplicity and ease of reading are far more important than artistic embellishment. However, effectiveness can be enhanced by utilizing color, as long as the color combinations do not diminish readability.
  7. Use of colored ink in printing and colored paper in framing textual material can be attractive although artistic flair should not be excessive.
  8. Illustrations should not be mounted on heavy stock as this makes it difficult to mount them on poster boards
  9. Provide a logical sequence to the display and avoid overcrowding. Each author will be responsible for mounting his/her materials at least 2 hours before the opening of the session. You will receive information at registration check-in for the poster session. 
  10. It is the responsibility of the author to design and print his/her poster and get it to the event.
  11. The collection of materials at the end of the conference is the author's responsibility, Any poster remaining after the conference ends will be discarded.
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