Research Panel

June 12 - 16, 2023 | Westin Bayshore, Vancouver BC

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New Panel Session for TAPPI Nano 2023!

We invite you to join this panel session to discuss and learn some potential solutions on how to navigate upcoming regulations and make the Nano community even stronger.

Panel Discussion on 
International Nanomaterial Regulations and Ongoing Characterization Challenges

Tuesday, 13 June, 2023   15:30 to 17:00

Join us for an informative panel discussion focused on how to respond to the new definition of “Nano” from a regulatory and characterization standpoint. The goal of this panel session is to provide some fundamental understanding of the challenges in characterizing the morphology of cellulose nanomaterials and advice on how to navigate new regulations in an effort to share some potential solutions with the audience.                       

This session will open with a discussion on updated nomenclature, regulations and trends in Europe, North America and Asia. This will be followed by a discussion on implementation challenges on reliable quantification, characterization analytical tools available as well as best practices in order to adhere to these new regulations.

Learning outcomes:  

  1. Current state of regulations; Current state of measurement              
  2. Current challenges associated with meeting regulations
  3. Current nomenclature and challenges to address
  4. Understanding the implications associated with the label ‘Nano’
  5. Fundamentals and challenges on the characterization of the morphology of cellulose nanomaterials